Family Therapy

son cries as parents fightWhen family life is out of balance all members suffer. This is where counseling can help. Working with the whole family allows all members to have a voice and work to bring family strengths and resources together creating balance in the whole family…..a change in one member of the family affects each family member and the family as a whole.

Family therapy helps families:

  • Identify problems and conflicts and how to work on their problems together
  • Identify strengths within the family
  • Develop strategies to resolve conflicts
  • Communicate difficult emotions
  • Learn different ways to handle conflict and problems

I believe that it is important for you and your family to feel that working together will be a good fit and meet your needs for counseling. To set up a free 30  minute No-Obligation Consultation/Visit, go to my contact page or call me at 952-215-5208.